Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Replaced the drawer

As usual small repairs required.   This replacement was for the drawer over the fridg.

The original owner either did not order with a drawer or broke it and replaced it with junk.

This is what I came up with.  Works fine, and looks much better. Note the magnet cabnet closers on the back of the drawer. Hopping it will not let the drawer open while going down the road, we'll see.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shakedown outing to Big Basin

He decided to take our first trip with our Scamp trailer Big Basin State Park. 
The trailer was very easy to tow, didn't even realize we were towing it, not really.  I still have not got used to backing, managed to get it in the spot. Was Number 133 in the Blumes creek section and old favorite spot of ours.

This is also the first time for our new cook box.  It worked out great.
Made it very easy to keep everything organized and it's own place the drawers workout especially well all the cooking utensils fit within the box although it is very heavy and hard for me to move around. It may be necessary to remove the heavy cast-iron items before moving the box but it's something you can deal with when you're camping.

The one thing we did have a problem with was sleeping, it was very warm and the bed is very small for two of us.  Peg sleepted on the front couch that is very small.  I've since changed the couch and now there is much more room.  
The Heater worked great, did have to tinker with the thermostat a bit, minor repair.
Now I need to design some kind of shade unite. I'm trending toward a canopy that can be used in many different set up situations.  Maybe with screen walls for bug protection. Costco has one for about $80 bucks that looks good.
Need to install cigarette lighter socket over the sink in the side of the cabinet for charging cell phones and iPads etc.
We stayed for two nights, had a great time except for the mosquitoes, have to prepare for that in the future. Towed fine, no problems.  Looking forward to our next excursion.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Solar install

Just finished installing my components.  My panel was removed from our motor home when it was sold.  I purchased panels and controller from "Northern Arizona Wind &Sun" in 1999.  There still cranking out the watts.  The panel is a 90 watt Siemons, the Controller is a Morningstar ProStar 30, 30 amp charge controller with digital meter.    The panel is to large to mount on the roof so I'll be using it as a remote plug-in.  Mounted the controller in the storage compartment at the right of the entrance door (under bunk). Attached battery to controller with #10 wire, fused the positive same as original.  Installed a two pin marine bulkhead connector next to existing wire access hole for tail light harness.  The bulkhead connector is connected to the controller with #12 wire.  The panel is connected through the bulkhead connector.  I used #12 wire for this, not as large as I would have liked, getting connector fitting that will handle larger wire is very $$$$$$$.$$.

My controller has a "load side" this enables me to read the draw on the system and also allows me to turn off the battery.    To connect the load side, use the two wires that we're removed from the battery.

With this system I'll never need more unless I try to run AC for things like MicroWave of other appliances.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our New Scamp

Starting anew.
After selling our Motor Home, we have a place to park a trailer.   Have been looking for a small trailer for a while now.  
When this one appeared it was perfect.   A 2002, in great condition and price.
A few minor repairs were necessary, but never fear I have to go through it any way.
The AC Converter (converts 110 vac to 12 vdc), was not working. There was no battery or cushions on the Dinette. One of the propane tanks, not here.
The first step was to deal with the DC system.  New battery, then run down all the wiring and make repairs.  Purchase a new Converter and install.  The 110 AC cord was fed through the outer wall, a very poor method, it allowed critters to enter the trailer.   The squirrels had been storing acorns in there.   Had to change that. Installed a 30amp bulkhead connector, that did it.
Next job was the water tank, it was located in the middle of the storage compartment. There was no room for any thing else.  I was able to move the tank and remount it. Then install a water pump, so now you get water automatly when turning on the faucet.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scamp Futures-repairs/modifications

1-Dinette Cushions
2- Awning 
3- Fantastic Fan
4- mini-Microwave
5- replace drawer
6- install solar system, 90  watt panel + controller.